“Simplicity means the light of the fullest knowledge. It means that the individual has seen the folly and the nothingness of those things which make up the sum of the lives of others. S/He has lived down what others are blindly seeking to live up to. Simplicity is the secret of greatness in the life of every human being.”

-William George Jordan

I seek simplicity… in all thoughts, words, deeds, and possessions… so that I might achieve greatness. 

“Any man may attain self-control if he only will. He must not gain it, however, except by continued payment of price, in small, progressive expenditures of energy. Nature has an installment plan for each individual. No man is so poor that he cannot begin to pay for what he wants from his life. And every small, individual payment that he makes, nature accumulates for him as a reserve fund of strength in his hour of need.”

-William George Jordan, The Kingship of Self-Control

Monochrome expressions may seem limiting but they can actually be quite liberating. The self-inflicted constraint of using just one color (in this case umber) pushes us to explore the full tonal range; to be mindful about dilution and water and flow; and makes one focus on the shapes and the movement of the brushes so that the resulting expression isn’t flat.

This morning’s painting was a reflection of my mood… I wasn’t in the brightest of spirits when I painted it, but I was determined to be present. Sometimes being present means embracing the internal shades of umber, making friends with all sides of our self, and letting it flow in a compassionate and gentle way.

That is the beauty of authenticity – to first know, then embrace, and finally to express our self.

When your toddler has the flu and only wants to cuddle and nurse

and you wish you could just transfer the sickness upon yourself

so you can spare the little body from aches and pains.


When your husband is driving 7+ hours home in stormy weather

and the roof gets torn and thrashed around by wild winds…

you wish your love was safe at home holding a mug of hot tea.


The anxiety is real.

The unsettled feeling in my stomach just wont relax.

Crazy thoughts creep into my head and I try to check them…


Breathe, I tell myself.

Just Breathe.

Everything will be okay.

Because sometimes a song says it all…

It’s my first time in a very long time sharing clips of my singing. I’m very out of practice from where I once was, but still…

Singing = Flying to me… it’s as natural as breathing.

So, here it is… Never Enough from The Greatest Showman in 2 Parts:

Much of the work we do as creators, as leaders, as people seeking to make change–it needs to ferment, to create character and tension and impact. And if we rush it, we get nothing worth very much.”

Seth Godin

Reminder to self to put in the work and the time and not to rush it because more is being created and shaped than the medium upon the canvas. I am becoming as well…

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

A simple affirmation from the Master Key System to ward off thoughts of fear, jealousy, anger, and anxiety. We may not always be able to keep ourselves from thinking negative thoughts but we can shut them down with positive affirmations.

Below: Watercolor color play… totally enjoying the process of discovery new shades, tones, and transparencies. I think I am going to expand this color play into final paintings. Hmmm… wheels are turning.

Being satisfied with what we already have is a magical golden key to being alive in a full, unrestricted, and inspired way. One of the major obstacles to what is traditionally called enlightenment is resentment, feeling cheated, holding a grudge about who you are, where you are, what you are.

-Pema Chödrön

On our creative journey,

Jealousy is the angry backseat driver.

S/He may be pointing you in the right direction

but can never be trusted to take the wheel.

Listen to your Jealousy,

Let it show you what your soul is yearning for.

Then sternly tell it to pipe down

and adjust your coordinates as needed.