Slooow moooving daaaay….

The last couple of days have been icky-sick days for our family and today was an especially slow moving for me. In an effort to make the most of my limited energy, I did the things that I am usually too busy to do – I surfed for Pinspirations for future art projects; and Googled watercolor tools & techniques; tips for portrait photography; and rules of writing contemporary poetry. Even though I didn’t do intensive work, I have invaluable pages of notes and plans as proof of time well spent.

Our dreams inspire ideas; and ideas need to be explored and developed into tangible experiments that in turn lay the groundwork for learning, growth, and future success. We can’t always be in Go-Go-Go mode – it’s just not physically possible. But, even a slow moving day full of daydreaming and internet surfing can be productive when it’s done pointedly.

[Above: Just sharing a mini painting from earlier this week – watercolor, ink, marker]