Fluttering of my heart

and butterflies in my core.

On the brink of something big.


A dream is awaken.

The mind is alight.

Imagination and reality are one.


I need not sleep

to see my dreams,

they are right before my eyes.


All I desire

for the taking

if only I will dare to try.


I do.  

I do dare.

For all who start at something new

the start is at the start;

The inception point is different

for every striving heart;

Be you old or be you young

there is no short way through,

for on the road to finding self

the journey must be true.

To each his own burden.

To each his own plight.

The pursuit of one’s self

is the purpose of life.

In silence there is presence

of deep wisdom,

and abundant resources;

Those most intimate

with the whispers of the Universe

are best fitted to receive.

For all things,

good and noble,

are borne when

Universe and mind

are aligned.


Calluses grow thick.

Heartbeat throbs in fingertips.

Strum on, pain is growth.

Reacquainting myself with the guitar and poetry… marrying them in this short post. 🙂